So sehen Sie, welche Apps die Batterie Ihres iPhone entleeren

There are many issues that can occur when using your iPhone, but one of the most annoying ones is the problem with the battery that is draining too fast. It means that you have to charge your smartphone two times a day or more often. Not to mention how frustrating this is when you are out and you can’t charge your phone. Usually, the apps are the ones to blame. Even if you are done with the app, the application and its services will continue to run in the background and that will eat the battery. So, if you noticed that the battery is draining faster than it should, you can get rid of the problem just by learning a bit more about the apps you’re using. We are going to show you how to see which apps are draining the battery of your iPhone.

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So sehen Sie, welche Apps den Akku Ihres iPhones entleeren

To see which apps are draining your iPhone’s battery, do the following:

  • Navigieren Sie zu Einstellungen
  • Tippen Sie auf Batterie
  • Warten Sie, bis die Batterie geladen ist
  • Tippen Sie als nächstes auf das Uhrsymbol
  • You will see more detailed information about the applications and their behavior – you’ll see for how long the app was on the screen while you were using it, but you will also see if it was running in the background.

Wenn man sich das Foto oben anschaut, wurde Facebook für 4-Stunden genutzt, aber es dauerte fast 9-Stunden, bis es im Hintergrund lief.

You can see a bigger picture by tapping on the “Last 7 days” option. If the apps keep doing something in the background when you’re not using them, they will drain the battery.

So, now that you know which apps are draining your battery, you can take some action. You can either force an app to close when you are done with it, by tapping on the Home screen two times, finding the app and then swiping up to close it. The other thing you can do is turn off the Background app refresh for some apps. For example, if you don’t need one of the apps to check for the updates in the background, you can turn that option off for the specific app, or several apps. To do that, navigate to Settings > General > Background app refresh. If you don’t use the power-hungry app that much, you can delete it from your device, and replace it with some other app that will not eat as much battery.

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